Life Entrepreneurs Live their Dreams

I had drinks with Charlie Rose last night.  I didn’t even remember it until I was on the floor doing my Pilates while last night’s taping of his nightly interview show was playing and I looked up and saw his face and it was exactly the same expression I saw in my dream.

I don’t know exactly what my attraction to him is, but I tape his shows every week night and many times go to sleep watching them.  And when I wake up at 5:30 am and don’t want to stay awake, I find one of his shows with men talking and it lulls me back to sleep.

Charlie is a comfort to me.  He is also inspiring to me.  He does such extensive research, is so apparently knowledgeable about the topics his guests talk about, that I am in awe of the time and energy it takes for him and his producers to gather all that information and be that prepared.  It makes the experience of watching him work as entertaining as any celebrity, politician, author,business mogul–whatever–he could be interviewing.

I just love this guy!  And one of my dreams has been to someday, somehow write something, be someone or do something that would mean he would want to interview me on his show.  I’ve often wondered if it is about ego–getting to be on his show.  But then I realize I don’t actually care much if anyone else were to want to interview me.  Well, it might be nice, but it doesn’t have a big meaning to me one way or another.

But Charlie Rose!  Him, I want to sit and talk with.  For the hour, as he says when he has a guest take up two to three segments of interview time.  So it really is about him, who he is, how he got the way he is–in fact I think the real deal is that I would love to interview him!

So this morning, when I saw him talking with two writing professors who had written books about how to write well, I saw his face listening and responding so intently–I realized I had dreamed that about him and me!  We were in some sort of cafe or bistro.  We had drunk something,  coffee, something.  And we talked.  We had a very interesting conversation, and the other two people who were with us left and we kept talking.  In the dream I reminded him of how energetic and interesting he had been when I first saw him on TV back in the 70s when he did a people oriented interview show in the Dallas area. 

I have thought many times that I would love to tell him how much I’ve enjoyed seeing him evolve and listen more and talk less, his openness with his guests is energetic more than with words now.  Maybe having major heart surgery a few years back affected him.  We didn’t get that far in our conversation in my dream, so maybe next time.  Maybe I’ll dream about him again.