Life Entrepreneurs REALLY Do What they Love

I ironed my pillow cases today.  They were probably fine not ironed, I just wanted to do it.  I bought new sheets and a new spread for my bed recently and now the pillows show more, and I just wanted them to be smooth and lovely.

Seems sort of inconsequential to write about this, but it is a bigger subject than pillowcases.  I am living the life of a homemaker, and the person I am lovingly, contentedly making a home for is….MYSELF!

When I had the “big crisis” a couple of years ago and changed my life drastically, I changed how I live on a daily basis.  I’ve written before about re-learning to do my own laundry, having my housekeeper only come one half day every other week, taking care of the things I used to delegate to others.  I raised the question then, would I keep doing all these things if I didn’t feel it financially necessary?

And I absolutely know the answer for me today:  YES!  I LOVE doing my laundry.  I LOVE changing the sheets and making sure I like how my bed looks.  I LOVE feeling grounded and rooted and home.

I love taking time to read a book in one day.  I love being available when a friend calls–whether for a serious talk, dinner, a movie, or a short visit.  I love being available when a client wants an appointment.  I love being the “person” for my mom, making sure she has whatever she wants or needs from the store, gets to her doctor appointments, feels loved and cared for.

I love doing volunteer work and using my energy locally–contributing to my community and participating in all sorts of ventures that encourage education and cultural awareness.  I love hanging out with really smart people who are also looking for ways to use the skills they’ve developed over the years to help grow and shape the future of our city.

I love having a panel of experts around me that I can call on for whatever issue I need help with:  doctors, lawyers, other business people who know all sorts of things that I have yet to learn about.

This is the best of life so far–and what I’m mostly grateful for is that I know it.  I’m consciously living it.  I appreciate my life and the people around me more than my words could ever convey.

As my dear Granny who grew up in Russia used to say, “Tanks goodness.”

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