Making Progress

I just spent an amazing weekend. Working with John Demartini is inspiring, challenging and catalytic. I feel more in touch with my inner self.

I’m inspired to take more classes and do even more daily work on myself. I feel challenged to take a harder look at the stories I make up about myself, others and situations, and ask myself more questions to determine whether my thinking is truly in line with my values and my higher purpose or if I am subordinating myself to others because I believe they know more than I do. And I am catalyzed to move forward on ideas I have, things I want to write and work I would love to do.

I can see more clearly that this latest most challenging period of my life has served as a wake-up call to really pay attention, be clear about my intentions, and really listen to what others are saying and doing. Just because they say things, doesn’t mean they will do them. And when they don’t do them, then that is a red alert to rethink the situation!

Just because people tell you they are on your team, it doesn’t actually mean that they are.

I feel I have been given an opportunity to look for the divine order in the midst of great difficulty and pain, and I am finding it. It isn’t easy to walk this path, but I truly believe it is worth it. And I am deeply grateful to be reminded that my inner voice is the one to listen to, even when the voices on the outside sound bigger and more seductive than mine. When I listen more to my inner voice, I live more on my true path and follow my higher purpose.