Musing about moving

This has been a really long week. We moved my mom into a smaller apartment at her retirement community. So much stuff! I really want to get serious about clearing out my house, whether I move or not, I know I don’t need all this stuff!

I am still musing about why we gather so many things. I realize that my mother feels really good to have her familiar things around–pictures, mementos, her same sofas and her favorite reclining chair. She and my father were together 62 years, so I also imagine having those things around her helps her feel connected to him.

I walk around my house looking at what I have on the walls, and I love every painting, every piece of art–even the framed posters! They feel comforting.

Sometimes this house feels way too big, too many rooms, too much space. And other times I can’t imagine not having all the space and all the things I have. So, I must be in a transition, working on changing how I live, but caught between my past and my future. I do envision a smaller place in a couple of years, so I am working on the mental preparation for it now.

Change seems to be hard, even when it is for the best. For that reason, I truly admire my mom for being able to roll with it and maintain a cheerful attitude. It sure makes it easier to help her!