The theme of the month seems to be Wealth. It is interesting that almost every time I begin speaking about it, people assume I’m talking about money. That is such a small part of wealth!

I believe that people don’t have a clue how wealthy they actually are, because the only evidence they count is what is in their wallets, their bank accounts and what they list on their financial statements. Yes, that is a good measure of what you may have accumulated in dollars and cents, but it is a paltry sum in relation to the actual value of your life, your relationships, your experience, your skill sets, your opportunities, your health, your sense of well-being in general!

What if you put a $ value on all of that? What if you counted every leaf on every tree that you could see and saw the total as part of the abundance you have manifested in your world? Those trees may not “belong” to you in your yard, but they belong to you in your world. They are there for you to appreciate and enjoy. So are the amazing conveniences that we take for granted by living in the US.

Last year I took a trip to Marrakech, Morocco for a wedding celebration. We stayed in what was considered a 4 Star hotel for northern Africa. It was the equivalent of a very dated, not very attractive motel by US standards. There was one hair dryer that you had to put a deposit down at the front desk to reserve for use. To get a taxi, because we were out of the main city area, we had to negotiate with the local people to make sure the fare wasn’t exorbitant.

To get to a restaurant in the Medina (the old section), the taxi drove us into the closest part where there was room for a car to pass (like a very narrow alley) and we had to be escorted down winding, even more narrow, walkways to reach our destination. They didn’t want us to wander around unescorted anywhere — as it was both dangerous and we could get lost and wander for hours!

Yes, there was a romantic flavor to it all, but is it something you would want to live with everyday? We stopped at a cafe near the major market area (the more commercial part of the Medina) and tried to find a restroom. There was a hole in the floor, a bucket of water, no paper, for any purpose. The only place you could find a more western type restroom was in a much more sophisticated restaurant.

I’m glad I had an adventure in Morocco. I’m glad I’ve traveled to and lived in many parts of the world. But when I return home, I feel like kissing the soil! Telephones! Postal services! Reliable places to eat! Safe and comfortable hotels! Beautiful grocery stores with more types and options of food than most people in other areas could imagine!

That is just one more small part of what I consider my wealth. I have more choices than most people dream of. I have friends all over the world who (thank god!) welcome me when I visit. I have opportunities to do the work I love to do. I have a great doctor who helps me get and stay in balance. I have great relationships with my family. I have friends that I can count on to be there, to tell me the truth, and who want the same from me.

What if I started putting a value in $$ on all of that? Well, I have. And I ran out of numbers to calculate it! Suffice it to say that I am a gagillionaire and growing.

What do you think that does for me on a daily basis, to feel that kind of wealth? It helps me stay focused on what I love to be, do and have in my life instead of feeling like I have to struggle to get what I lack.

Isn’t that a great definition of Wealth?