Cycles of my life

After selling Miller & Associates on November 1, 2006, I had an opportunity to take a little time to vision out what I want to do for the next 30 years. With the help of some great coaches, I realized that I was now entering the third major cycle of my life.

The first 30 years were focused on growing up and figuring out who I was. The second 30 years were all about providing service to others — growing my sales rep business, developing a coaching and consulting practice, living through the cycles of various relationships, and raising my son to adulthood and becoming a supportive friend to him and many others. I loved it — regret nothing — and am so deeply grateful for each opportunity the challenges and joys brought me.

Now it is time for my life to truly be about me! The years of work showed me that I love being productive and active. The years of study showed me that I can trust that the universe is operating from a basis of intelligence and that there is an underlying order to everything. The years of connecting with people showed me that people are a driving force in my life, and I can’t imagine my life without the friends, family and acquaintances that I have grown to love and count on for sustenance and enjoyment.

So, my vision quest was an interesting journey from November through the end of February. I didn’t try to force anything. I stayed with myself, spent time working with Count Me In, took a lot of time to be with my mother and make sure she is well on her way with her new life without my father’s daily presence (he passed away in September). I looked around and noticed what is truly important to me.

By the middle of February, I was pretty sure of things — and gave it a couple more weeks to truly gel in my mind. I saw what I am meant to be doing for the next 30 years. The simplicity of it was a surprise, but also a relief. I have been a “strider” and “striver” for most of my years — working diligently toward whatever I deemed most important at the time.

Today the striving has mellowed, and I know that my walking, ambling, sometimes moseying, is sufficient — striding isn’t actually an option for me since I got my new ankle joint two and a half years ago.

I am here simply to be here. It may sound like a cop-out — but I know it isn’t. What it means to me is to be ready, available, approachable, responsive, interested, vital, interactive, interdependent, open, patient, caring and generous — to name just a few ways of being that come to mind.

It means that my vision has expanded to seeing myself as an attribute of the intelligent force running this divine universe and simply living that to the fullest.

I created the new website to act as a beacon of light to let people know that there are other ways to think and live. I know the people that need to find me will. I know that the work I am meant to do is ever present and comes in many forms. I am grateful and enthusiastic about my future. I see it as a continuum of where I have been with an added bonus. I get to be in my sweet spot every minute of every day! I get to work with amazing women and help them create and manifest their dreams!

I get to inspire others to live from the inside out and encourage them to have the loudest, most important voice in their lives to be the one inside them — sometimes whispering, sometimes shouting — telling them what they need to know. And I get to watch them blossom into their true selves, radiating power and vitality from within.

So if you happen upon this, I hope you feel my gratitude for all that is — here and now — in this magnificent universe that allows us to put these ideas in a form that can be accessed by whoever it will benefit. What a concept! What progress we make as human beings! And what encouragement it can give us when we fall into thinking there is something wrong with the world, the government, presidents, businesses, friends and family.

There is always a balance, if we look for it. There is no way we can truly screw this up — even though the challenges we face seem insurmountable at times. Each one has within it the seed of blessing, if we will take the time to find it.

So, for my first post, I say thank you grand organized design of the universe for all that is. And I look forward to growing more each day in my awareness of the wonders of life. I am so grateful to have this place to talk to myself and see what is actually on my mind!