As past and present clients will attest, Margery’s work generates powerful results. Her approach is designed for people and organizations that are ready and willing to make profound changes to become more productive and fulfilled. Because Margery focuses on pragmatic, actionable steps and not just theory, clients can immediately begin the process of positive transformation.

Margery truly lives what she teaches. Her belief that we can master the business of life is based on a successful career as an entrepreneur, having spent almost three decades running a profitable company. Her real world professional experience is coupled with years of training in coaching and in studying The Demartini Method®.

With a genuine interest in her clients and their lives, Margery feels a heartfelt connection to her work. Through her own growth and training, she has mastered the art of presence. As such, she is completely focused on her clients – giving her a unique ability to quickly hone in on core issues, analyze large amounts of information, and synthesize it into easily understood concepts and action steps.

Working with Margery creates a field of possibility for her clients, because she sees beyond their current view of themselves. Margery helps her clients understand what it truly means to be a Life Entrepreneur, and how doing so benefits themselves, their families, their organizations, and even society and the world. Her inspired guidance teaches people how to feel powerful in their lives and make choices that really work for them.

Training and Qualifications

Margery is a certified Teacher of Wisdom and Master Certified Facilitator of The Demartini Method® and the Demartini Institute – the culmination of more than thirty years of research and studies in physics, philosophy, theology, metaphysics, psychology, astronomy, mathematics, neurology and physiology. The method is a revolutionary transformation method which results in a new and refreshing paradigm in thinking and feeling. Her ongoing Demartini training continues to strengthen Margery’s understanding and knowledge of the deeper workings of the human condition.

Margery is a certified coach by Success Unlimited Network®, an international network of personal and professional coaches who inspire and coach people how to consistently produce purposeful results in all life areas while maintaining and enhancing well being. Margery also has a degree from Associacion Montessori Internacionale, Mexico D.F., Mexico.

Margery worked with myriad trainers and consultants while building her business and applied what she learned from them to her own business and when working with other businesses and individuals.


Past and current clients serve as the best testament to the power of Margery’s work. Please contact us for references.