Transformation Process: Individuals and Entrepreneurs

The PeopleBiz process is a step-by-step approach designed to give clients a clear sense of their higher purpose and a practical plan of action to live it out. With a keen understanding of human nature and the underlying reasons that make many people feel ‘stuck,’ Margery helps clients tackle barriers to undergo real and lasting transformations.

Her process begins with a series of critical questions that serve as the foundation for clients to map out a new, different and empowered approach to life. With a clearly defined direction, Margery guides individuals to begin daily practices that will enable them to reach their highest possible potential and fulfillment. Her strategic approach is based on best practices and decades of training and real world experience as a personal development coach, executive coach and business owner.

As a Life Entrepreneur herself, Margery helps people to see themselves as their primary business. She believes that by applying business principles to daily living, we can express our creative talents and uniqueness in a strategic, effective and fulfilling way. Above all, Margery helps people think – allowing clients to understand why they think the way they do, and how a shift in thoughts can impart a dramatic change in every aspect of their life.

Transformation Process: Businesses and Organizations

For companies seeking transformative change, Margery works with their teams to develop best practices and a unified force of people who join together to grow a unique organizations with an identifiable impact in the community. Grounded in action and accountability for all team members, her effective and efficient process includes: defining and refining the organization’s vision, developing and nurturing a plan to carry it out, and finally, revisiting the vision.

Margery first works one-on-one with the head of an organization – by helping the leader to clarify his or her vision – and then ensuring that it is understandable by others. She then profiles individual team members, identifying their working styles and inherent personality traits. The profiles serve to uncover and illuminate individuals’ talents, and in turn capitalize on a company’s diversity.

Armed with a clear picture of both the leader’s vision and the people in place to enact it, Margery helps the leader bring the vision to the entire organization. At this point, the vision is often enhanced and augmented by the group – a key stage in the process – because it gives all employees a stake in the plan. The next step involves a collaborative effort by all team members to identify what is working, what is not working, and most importantly, to develop solutions for problems and responsibility for tasks.

Throughout the process, Margery leads periodic check-in sessions that help to hold individuals accountable for their assignments, adjust any solutions that aren’t working, and remind team members of the value they bring to the organization. These progress updates encourage cooperation among team members and keep the organization moving forward.

The PeopleBiz approach creates a system to ensure that continuous improvement can be sustained. Much like Margery built her own profitable, virtually self-sustaining business, she helps organizations create an environment built on a carefully crafted system in which individuals can work together seamlessly. Designed to maximize strengths and manage weaknesses, the system empowers employees to achieve long term excellence without micromanagement.