Dear Hillary,

Thank you for being the woman you are.  You have been a role model for me since I first heard about you.  I have the same concerns you have, that all people, especially children, deserve to have a chance at the life they would love to live.  I appreciate your diligence and dedication to the betterment of humankind.

I can see you being President!  I am so looking forward to seeing all the things you will initiate and achieve as President of the United States.  I was amazed and proud when The Dallas Morning News, my local paper, endorsed you, a Democrat last week.  It was the first time in 75 years that they did not endorse a Republican for President.

I ran a manufacturer’s rep agency for 29 years in a male dominated, highly competitive market (commercial food service equipment).  I was the only woman in my position in the entire country in the late 70s and early 80s.  It was a constant struggle to be seen as competent, able to manage not only the running of the business but the political challenges of dealing with the somewhat autocratic, male authorities who made the decisions about whether we would be hired or fired as representatives.  I had to keep a balance between being politically correct enough to keep the line, and being able to build the company I wanted to build–with respect for my employees and a willingness to do things differently. Through the years (I sold the company in 2006) I watched how you handled people and difficult situations.  You inspired me to stay strong, follow my inner voice and do the right things for the right reason.

When I was involved in the Make Mine a Million $ Business program with Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence, I listened to you speak to the women entrepreneurs, encouraging them to stay the course, build quality businesses and keep standing up, being counted.  You have been an inspiring role model to all of us for decades.

With that in mind, I have a few suggestions that you might want to consider:

  •      Please keep reminding the American people that we live in the greatest country in the world, that we have unlimited opportunities here to meet the challenges of the 21st Century, the people, the wealth and the resources are available.  We just need to change the way we go about it–include more diverse voices, bring equality into reality.
  •      Please disregard the puerile, inane babblings of your opponent.  He doesn’t deserve your attention.  He is irrelevant to what you and those of us who fervently support you are about!  He is a master at deceptive, manipulative tactics to keep the conversation away from the serious issues we are facing in our efforts to make the dream of actual equality a reality.
  •      I have an image of you at the upcoming debate, standing calmly, with the peaceful dignity and presence of a Sphinx, a slight smile on your face, waiting patiently for him to finish ranting and raving.  And when it is your turn, you simply state the truth–what you and the American people truly value and respect:
  •      That no matter what color, race, gender, sexual orientation, economic background or social standing, all people deserve the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in this country. That you are standing before us to lead the way to that end.  That nothing can daunt you from that path.
  •      You like all productive, responsible women, put family and country first.  You don’t let the opinion of others or their hateful attacks deter you from your journey.
  •      Women who stand up, do what they believe in, keep going no matter what, are a threat to those who don’t understand them.  You have never let that derail your efforts to achieve your goals.  Please ignore your detractors.  We need you to win!
  •      Please change the game by making your own rules.  I see no reason for you to defend yourself against insanity–why bother?  Just keep telling like it is.  What I mean is this:
  •      Although I was incredibly disappointed when you did not win the primary in 2008, I now see the historical significance of Obama’s presidency.  He has enabled all colors and types of people to move further along the path of equality.  I heard the next generation referred to as the Mosaics–children today do not think about the different colors of faces, they think more about the qualities and characters of the people with whom they associate.  The Obamas have made a lasting contribution to our society.  I am deeply grateful to them.
  •      It is vital to our country that the quality of leadership we have had over the last 8 years be continued and expanded.  You are the person to do that.  You have the depth of knowledge, experience and wisdom to bring about the changes that need to continue.
  •      When people say your opponent is about change and you aren’t, all you need to say is this: Change is constant, and we are all change agents.  The changes we are making in our political structure, our society are long term efforts.  We are on a path toward equality, toward rebuilding our infrastructure, toward contributing to a fair and dynamic global economy.  To continue that change takes courage, commitment and dedication, all of which you have in spades.  Next question!

I live in the Dallas area and yes, there are supporters of your opponent here.  But there are also thousands of white, black Asian and Hispanic people who can’t wait to get to the polls to vote for you. People tell me they wish they could vote TODAY to elect you.  They need you to stand tall, keep showing us what graceful, elegant dignity looks like.  That is the real Hillary, and I appreciate and support you with all my heart.

Thank you for considering my thoughts.