Life Entrepreneurs Give to Others and Give to Themselves

Giving and receiving are the words of this season:  is one “better” than the other?

No!  To me, that is an antiquated way of looking at it.

People rushing around to find the “right” gift, to do the “right” thing for their families~it is exhausting and energy draining.  And once it is over, very anti-climactic!

So here are my recommendations for the upcoming days:

  • make sure you pay attention to balance
  • whatever you do for others, find an equal way to do something for yourself~it doesn’t have to be the same thing, just the same amount of importance
  • ask more questions:  why are you doing this?  is it really necessary?  is this what I truly want? what is the benefit for myself and others?  
  • become the observer:  pay attention to what others say and do; notice what you say and do; ask questions about it~are you being authentic or are you pleasing others to make sure they like you?
  • watch how much you drink.  Many times we are in social situations and in order to feel comfortable we drink or eat just to calm ourselves, then we wish we hadn’t done it.  One glass of wine might be sociable.  Two or three glasses of wine might impair your ability to be the observer….
  • sometimes we do so much for others that we secretly feel we need a reward~which we give ourselves with food.  Are you eating to reward yourself or are you eating for the healthy nourishment you are giving yourself?  There really is a difference!  One piece of really good chocolate could be nourishment.  A huge bag of M&Ms or a whole pint of ice cream might be a way to feel better because you haven’t actually taken care of yourself~and then you feel guilty and sort of foolish afterward!
  • only accept the invitations that truly interest you.  You can start today cultivating the friends and experiences that add to your life, enrich your life, and that you feel you are truly engaging with.  This way, you are giving your energy in a worthwhile direction, people get as much out of knowing you as you get out of knowing them!
  • Keep checking in on your values and beliefs~as they may be shifting.  You may discover that things you think you value really aren’t that important to you, and you may notice that the things you truly value are where you naturally gravitate toward. 
  • If you think you believe something, ask yourself why~where did the belief come from?  Your childhood?  Your social circle?  Your religious upbringing?
  • Is it really what you believe, or are you simply doing things the way you’ve always done them?
  • Remember that the greatest gift you can give your family, your friends, your community and the world is your authentic self, empowered to live from the inside out, telling the truth without blame or judgment, being open to outcome, not attached to outcome.
Happy Holidays!