More thoughts on Being Single

Writing about being single yesterday I realize how truly calm I am about that subject. I grew up with such a sense of expectation to “couple” and “find my soul mate” that I think being alone has been a bit of an irritant to my inner sense of well-being.

I love Demartini’s theory about soul mates: you are never without one, they just don’t always show up in one person. I know I am surrounded by soul mates–both men and women with whom I connect in very deep and meaningful ways. One of the things that crosses my mind is how grateful I am that I don’t have to narrow that down to just one, because I can’t imagine my life without the large number of people who are really important to me being in it!

I have a lot of great husbands–they are either married to my friends, or are men that I know through business or studying who are committed to other women, and some are single but we aren’t connected in a romantic way. I’m not involved with them in a physical way, but they certainly enrich my life and I absolutely adore them. I might even adore them more because I don’t live with them–so I generally see their best sides when I’m around them. So how can I say I don’t have a husband?

And my women friends are equally, if not more, important. I am sure I couldn’t have made it through the last two months without them. They have held my hand to help me get the courage to face each day. They have embraced my tears, comforted my sorrow, and encouraged me to keep going. I feel surrounded by Amazon Warrior Women who will stick by me no matter what.

So, being single isn’t the curse I thought it would be when I was younger and craving being part of a couple. I’m not saying being with a lovely man who was free to be with me wouldn’t be nice. It would. But I am living well anyway.

And for that, I am grateful.