Why can’t people……………

I’ve been doing some work with one of the businesses I am invested in to help them strengthen their infrastructure and improve customer service. And I have found it a bit frustrating. I hear myself asking, to myself, “why can’t people ________?” I’m sure you could easily fill in the blank, since all of us have expectations of others that don’t seem to be met!

Why can’t they follow-up and let people know what is happening? Why can’t they make sure that all parties are given the pertinent information they need to make decisions? Why can’t they do it right the first time instead of letting the situation reach a point of all out frustration from all sides?

Why can’t they ask enough or the right questions to be able to come up with a strategy that works? Why can’t they quit complaining and just do the work? Why can’t they act like grown-ups and have the same work ethic I do?????

And from all my years of training, I immediately see that the most important person I need to be asking those questions to is, me! So, I’m asking myself, where do I drop the ball? Why do I still have difficulty communicating and getting what I want from others? Where have I not informed people about things they need to know? What information do I not have that I need?

What can I do to transform this feeling of frustration into something else? Writing about it may help. I’m thinking some contemplation of this will help. More later.