Whatever happened to Margery?

She dropped out for a while!

Sometimes things are moving and changing so fast, and so completely, that it is almost impossible to sit down and write about them….
Lots of life changes for me in the past year:
  • Met my life partner and started spending all my extra time with him
  • Moved in with him after 6 months, sold my house and started dismantling a life I had lived for almost 15 years
  • Ended up giving away about half of my worldly possessions to all kinds of people (including friends, family, the Salvation Army and Good Will)
  • Set out on a crash course of learning how to REALLY practice all the things I’ve been teaching and advising about for years
  • Having more fun than I ever dreamed possible and continuing to grow leaps and bounds in the process!
After being mostly single for almost 23 years, I am reinventing myself as a partner.  Neither Wade nor I wanted to get married again, but we are definitely committed to our relationship, so we went to our lawyer and drew up an agreement that makes living together and owning our home together work.  We also did all the powers of attorney and other legal stuff to make it easy to grow old together.
I find myself telling him he is the best husband I never had….  And it allows me to feel completely free, yet very connected to him.  I’m loving this!  I highly recommend it for people of a certain advanced age (I just turned 65–yippee!!!  Medicare!!!!).
I have learned more about communication in the last 6 months than I learned in the 10 previous years.  Not that I didn’t already know a lot about it–but knowing and practicing it on a daily basis, with no other place to go but a different room in the house, well that has been way fun.
It has taught me to keep letting go of my childish behavior, surprise–we’re still babies when it comes to feelings, even though we look like grown ups!  And it has helped me be much kinder to myself and to him, as I consistently see how much we both want to get along, even when we don’t.
And mostly, it has helped me be so deeply grateful for just how many more opportunities to fully live life there are–no matter how old we are!  I wouldn’t want to be any younger than I am, and I love that I still have so many great years ahead.
So, now that I have finally broken my silence and started writing again, maybe I will keep it up.  I look forward to finding out!  

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